Green Earth Pledge

Green Earth Pledge
Our commitment to a cleaner environment includes using
the most technologically advanced cleaning systems
without sacrificing our quality and service!

New Dry Cleaning System
Exclusive IPURA Process
We are excited to announce our newest addition:
the IPURA Hybrid Class Dry Cleaning Machine.
IPURA’s unique method of garment cleaning uses
environmentally safe class III A Hydrocarbons and
eliminates the use of perchloroethylene (a harmful solvent in
traditional dry cleaning machines used by most cleaners today).
This machine eliminates hazardous air pollutants,
creates 95% less hazardous waste,
uses 2/3 less energy, and is a safer alternative
for our employees and our planet.

Water Based Cleaning
Using the latest in wet cleaning technology allows us to process
up to 50% of garments using water and biodegradable detergents.
This environmentally safe alternative eliminates the
use of dry cleaning fluids.

Our office staff recycles paper at our local school
to help support academic programs.
Our warehouse recycles and/or reuses hangers and
plastic garment bags which reduces consumption.