How to Measure for a Suit

Calculate Measurements for a Suit Jacket

  1. Measure your shoulder width. Start your tape measure at the back corner of one shoulder, run it across the top of your shoulders, behind your neck and to the back corner of the other shoulder.

  2. Assess your chest size. Raise both arms. Run the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest and underneath both your arms. Lower your arms to record the measurement once the tape measure is in place.

  3. Determine how long your jacket sleeves should be. Start your tape measure from the same point on your shoulder where you measured your shoulder width. Slide your tape measure down your arm to a point somewhere around your wrist. Personal discretion dictates how long or short you want your jacket sleeves to be, but the most standard stopping point is slightly past the wrist.

  4. Evaluate the length of the jacket. While facing forward, measure down from the base of your throat to your desired jacket length. The jacket length is subject to personal preference, but most jackets end just above the mid-thigh area.

  5. Measure your waist. Find a starting point slightly below either hip bone along your waist line. Loop the tape measure around your waist and back to your starting point.

  6. Determine your inseam. While wearing appropriate shoes, begin the measurement at the top, inside part of your leg where your leg meets your groin. Run the tape measure down the inside of the leg to a point near the middle of your foot.


  • When measuring for a suit, ask someone to help you to get more accurate measurements.
  • Wear a dress shirt when measuring for a suit. The shoulder seam in the shirt can serve as a vantage point when measuring the width of your shoulders or your arm length.
  • Write down all your measurements for the tailor making your suit or for your own future use.
  • Put one or two fingers between the tape measure and your body when you measure your waist and chest. This will ensure that your suit is comfortable and not too tight.