Getting your measurements taken is quick, easy and usually free of charge.

Step 1:  Locate a Professional Near You
Any tuxedo store, alteration shop or tailor should be able to take your tuxedo measurements for you. If you need help locating someone to take your measurements, visit to find one of the thousands of tuxedo shops in our network.

Step 2:  Measurement Form
Print our measurement form to use at your fitting.  Don’t worry if your professional doesn’t fill it out completely.  Some take different measurements than others so there are more blanks on this form than are really needed.

Step 3:  Get Fit
You may want to call ahead to make sure this is a complimentary service and see if you need an appointment.  The fitting will only take you about 5-10 minutes.

Step 4: Submit Your Measurements
You may submit your measurements here, call 616-538-1760, fax 616-538-0605, or email

Printable Measurement Form

Measurement FAQ